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I’ve thought about writing a blog for a very long time. It’s amazing the lessons that you learn in the yoga room … as both a teacher and a student.

But it has taken me a while to find my voice. In the beginning of my teaching journey, it was scary holding space for a group of people. I felt shy, unsure and uncomfortable. I’m often ill at ease with those I don’t know. But in time, I started to feel more confident. I became better acquainted with my students and I loved holding space with them.

And then the pandemic hit, and something interesting happened. The anonymity of teaching virtually gave me the courage to go within and be true to who I am. And as I did that work, I gained the confidence to speak my truths.

The lessons I’m teaching are not original, nor new. But I’m grateful for this platform. It allows me to share my journey and my stories with those who are not able to practice with me.

The best way to access my blog is to click on one of the posts on the home page of my website and others will populate. (Please bear with me as I navigate some of the display issues with this site.)

I also listed some of the titles below.


Work in Community with Others

Take Time to Be Still

The Spirit of Motherhood

Be Open

Listen to Your Inner Voice